Technical due diligence as a service

Apadmi Ventures is the investment arm of the Apadmi Group, putting money, advice and expertise into early-stage, highly-scalable technology companies.

To date, we’ve partnered with eight market-disrupting start-ups across the UK – most of which are based in the North, but we’re spreading across the country.

And whilst we offer support to start-ups in terms of finance, technology and business acumen, we also have an extensive network of investors who we partner with, often providing a critical start-up assessment service – technical due diligence.

What is technical due diligence?

This has become one of Ventures’ most asked-for services, as investors want us to evaluate the businesses and start-ups they’re interested in before they commit to investment.

Put simply, the Ventures team lifts the bonnet on a technology product and investigates how it’s been built and to what standard, identifying key strengths and risks.

Our view is that great technology won’t guarantee business success, but bad technology will guarantee failure – that’s why we believe that validating the good stuff and flagging any concerns as early as possible gives a new business its best possible chance at taking off.

When providing technical due diligence for an investor and their start-up venture, we look at five key areas:

  • The team
  • The processes used
  • The solution’s architecture
  • The technology itself
  • How data is gathered and used

For a look at each of the areas on this checklist, see our recent blog post where we explore the process in more detail.

If you’d like to get in touch with us – whether as an investor or to look at the tech of your own business – get in touch.