The investment arm of Apadmi

We are a strategic technology partner and investor to highly-scalable start-ups, providing technology direction and delivery, as well as boardroom advice and support to accelerate growth.

In our early years, we helped Shazam, Skyscanner and Audible grow, as a paid partner. We want to work with the next crop of global businesses, as an equity partner.

Supporting the start up

Our involvement varies, but whether it’s money, time or people that we invest, we always draw on our broad expertise (20+ years in technology!) and share it where it’s most needed.

There’s no one sector or technology we go for – our recent investments span advertising, retail, music, property and travel. If we believe that a start-up has the opportunity to scale, the people to make it happen, and that we can make a difference, we’ll get involved.

Put simply – we invest in great people and ideas where we can help.

Working with investors

In our work with start-ups, we’ve grown close to the investment community. We believe we offer something that no-one else does – a combination of deep technical knowledge and investment experience.

Our tech due diligence service is a good starting point for investors; we can go through the technology already in place or that’s planned by an investor, and serve as technical advisors. Further down the line, we can work as partners who co-invest time and money.

Our view is that great technology won’t guarantee business success, but bad technology will guarantee failure.