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About the partnership

Apadmi first partnered with Amazon Alexa in 2018 to produce a set of skills for The Drum which showcased the ability and importance that voice would have in the future of marketing, communication and tech.

We worked with Amazon Alexa to get our designers officially certified and up to scratch with voice design. This included our team attending agency days at Amazon HQ, helping the Amazon Alexa team build their community with skills workshops across the UK, and hosting an evening dedicated to voice at our Apadmi offices.

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Benefits from the partnership

Our partnership with Amazon Alexa has led to several competitive advantages for Apadmi, including:

    Team members officially certified and trained as Voice Experience Users (VUX) designers by Amazon’s own experts

    Attending agency days at Amazon’s HQ

    Helping the Amazon Alexa team build their community with skills workshops across the UK

    Hosting events dedicated to voice technology at our Apadmi offices

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What we've created together

In 2018, Apadmi worked with Amazon Alexa to create a set of skills for The Drum. This was a part of a much larger editorial piece, which showcased the importance of voice in our future. Read more about the work.

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We can work together

As your digital partner we can connect you to a range of technical providers who work with us to build next level products and systems. Contact us today and we can help you to establish your needs.

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