Cifas & Apadmi

Cifas is a not-for-profit fraud prevention membership organisation. Cifas’ members are organisations from all sectors, sharing their data across those sectors to reduce instances of fraud and financial crime.

Cifas collaborate with organisations from across the public and private sectors to create a non-competitive fraud prevention environment, focused on working with rather than against each other to defeat fraudsters. Their methods utilise a number of products and services such as fraud risk databases.

For members of the public, Cifas offer increased security against identity fraud, as well as expert advice on how to protect personal data and prevent fraud.

Cifas and Apadmi are working together to further leverage technology to tackle fraud - the ID Protect app will help users track, and stop, suspicious activity.

Benefits of the partnership

    Enhanced security for members of the public with the ID Protect app

    Increased protection and security for businesses

    Apadmi can remain at the forefront of mobile security innovation with industry insights from Cifas and its members

    Apadmi can continue to tackle fraud with their Financial Services, Retail and Telco clients, with valuable support from Cifas

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Apadmi team working together

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