Judopay & Apadmi

Apadmi announced a new strategic partnership with mobile payment provider Judopay in 2024. The collaboration sees Judopay’s unique payment infrastructure meet Apadmi’s digital loyalty solutions to create more user-friendly experiences. 

Judopay is the leading mobile payments provider. Born out of the frustration with friction-filled checkouts, Judopay built a flexible solution designed to securely drive sales and improve the customer experience

Benefits of the partnership

    Ability to create smoother payment solutions for Apadmi and Judopay’s clients

    Chance for both Apadmi and Judopay to connect to a wider array of businesses to improve customer experience 

    Opportunity to work with exciting new technology

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Judopay and Apadmi form new partnership to deliver exceptional mobile experiences

Digital product business Apadmi and leading mobile payment provider Judopay are joining forces to offer seamless customer experiences at scale. 

The collaboration brings together two leading mobile businesses to deliver innovative technology to businesses across the UK. Judopay and Apadmi will be working together to deliver cutting-edge payment solutions to a number of companies across the retail, financial and healthcare sectors.

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