Softcat & Apadmi

About the partnership

As one of the UK's leading IT infrastructure providers, Softcat looks at the needs of businesses and creates a unified solution which reduces cost, risk and complexity. Their own partnerships with Microsoft, AWS, Apple, HP and Lenovo allows us to access best-in-class products and support. For example, to build the NHS Blood and Transplant app we worked closely with Softcat and our fellow partner, Microsoft.


Benefits from the partnership

In addition to access to their networks, the partnership with Softcat has the following benefits:

    Connection to a wider audience of clients and contacts.

    Creating long-lasting relationships and sharing the extensive experience they have in providing infrastructure solutions.

    Share their customer-focused approach of designing the solution to support the needs of the client.


What we've created together

Softcat, along with Microsoft, was a part of building the NHS Blood and Transplant app which facilitates life saving organ donations. It's used in 260 hospitals across the UK.


We can work together

As your digital partner we can connect you to a range of technical providers who work with us to build next level products and systems. Contact us today and we can help you to establish your needs.

Speak to a member of our team

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