One of the nation's favourite apps reimagined for an increasingly mobile audience

BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer app

Using our technical expertise to overhaul one of the UK’s most popular entertainment apps, and bring TV to the mobile masses

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The brief

Seven years after launching the original BBC iPlayer app in 2007, the BBC needed to give their UX and UI an upgrade.

Our brief was to first carry out bug fixes and maintenance issues, before implementing their ambitious re-design project with new user features.

All this while performing legacy system integration, and ultimately preparing the app for future scalability.

What we did

Prior to this project, we had worked with the BBC on the BBC Music and BBC Radio apps, as well as integrating into their team while they underwent a period of transition, moving their HQ up to Manchester.

They knew we had the technical capability and UX/UI knowledge to help ensure any work completed would be to the highest standards.

We made significant updates to the Android and iOS applications, as well as the web platform. We improved the networking and streaming video capabilities of each platform, and built a native wrapper to utilise the core capabilities of the platform.

We alsoover-hauled the look and feel of the site too, so that as a user changed channel, the appearance of the page altered to reflect that channel’s signature brand.

Tweaks to search functionality were also applied, grouping series and shows into sections so users could find their favourite programmes quicker and easier.

The results

The BBC iPlayer app has become one of the most popular and widely used mobile apps in the UK, and we’ve maintained our relationship with the BBC team.

In 2018, the daily average number of programme requests through the iPlayer was over 8,000,000.

“The iPlayer app is a masterpiece in simplicity. The content sits at the forefront at all times and the albeit slick-as-you-like interface sits very much under the surface.”
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