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iPlayer Radio app


A highly responsive and interactive first iteration of the iOS app to consolidate all BBC radio stations.

During 2012, Apadmi partnered with the BBC to assist in the development of the first version of the BBC iPlayer Radio app for iOS, helped to transform the way over 2 million people consume and access BBC radio content. The app brings together 19 BBC radio stations into one interactive and award-winning media hub.


Winner of Best Mobile App and Best Application of Technology at the Big Chip Awards

Browse hundreds of in-demand programs

Download podcasts to listen on the go

Live radio at your fingertips


BBC Music App
Apadmi were selected as the BBC's partner to assist in the development of the first iteration of their iPlayer Radio app in 2012. Featuring a highly responsive scrolling dial, which allows users to browse the entire radio schedule to discover new content that they may not otherwise encounter and allows users to easily share content through their social channels.

19 BBC Radio Stations

Development work was conducted to ensure the app recognises where the user's finger sits on the screen, and calculates the speed and momentum of the dial rotation to mimic a real-world experience. The resulting animation delivers an immersive, realistic feel for users, making it a real pleasure to use.


day catch up
The first iteration of the app has allowed users to listen live and browse hundreds of in-demand programmes over WiFi or 3G/4G with the ability to wake up to live radio with an integrated alarm clock. Also developed were features to incorporated video, audio and feature clips of live performances and schedules that go back 7 days for easy catch-up. The app also allows users to connect to AirPlay or Bluetooth audio devices and share programmes and tracks with friends.

“A must-have app for all radio-loving iPhone users, BBC iPlayer Radio brings to your fingertips a wealth of great free radio content. This is a great app!”

PC Advisor

iPlayer Radio Review, November 2012

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