BBC Music App


BBC Music


A highly interactive iOS & Android app to collate all BBC radio stations. Syncs up with Spotify and Youtube to help you find the music you love with ease.

Relive your favourite musical moments from any BBC medium - TV, Radio and Online. Access exclusive live performances, interviews, and playlists, all from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. Personalise your selection via artist or genre, and identify the name of any song you heard on the radio within the last seven days.

What we delivered

The BBC wanted to connect with listeners and offer them tailored content. Their Music app curates a stream of special live sessions and interviews, as well as allowing you to identify any song played on BBC Radio in the past week.

View exclusive content from your favourite presenters, programmes and events, alongside a huge back catalogue of unique content, delivered to you directly from the BBC.

Listen to everything from Glastonbury highlights to Jools Holland's TV show. Also including Live Lounge radio performances, the app allows you to sync playlists with Spotify and Deezer.

Modify based on your favourite music


Radio 1 listeners
Browse using the modified search tool, and access the BBC's huge music library. Quickly sync and upload unique content to Spotify, Youtube and Deezer - find the music you love on the BBC and then export it into your very own playlist with the My Tracks personalisation. BBC Music aims to liberate the tunes played across all channels and give fans exclusive access to the artists that they love.

Find any radio track within 7 days

Archive classic footage or search for greatest hits, from across all BBC mediums - TV, radio and online. After setting up an account, the app will store your music preferences and offer new tunes based on your choice of artist and genre. It's also possible to search for shows, presenters, and events or hear any track you've heard on BBC radio in the last week.
Browse ready-made playlists, compiled by award-winning DJs. The app acts as a hub for musical content across the BBC, from radio to TV and also online. Access all of the material from your favourite performers, exclusive and unique. This is the app designed for music fans who want a more in-depth experience than Spotify or Deezer. And once you've used it a couple of times, the app will learn what you like and recommend things specifically to your tastes.

“Access special live performances broadcast exclusively on the BBC - create your own playlist or use the Find-a-Track option to discover even more amazing content. ”

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