Empowering members and boosting engagement through mobile

Co-Op Membership App

Co-op membership app

We collaborated with one of the UK’s biggest retailers to deliver a mobile account management solution that drives scheme interaction

The brief

Following a report produced by the Co-op, it was clear many members were craving a better way to manage their membership through a mobile solution.

The Co-op embarked on a journey to find out if a mobile app would help members to manage their memberships with greater ease and efficiency.

Members told them they wanted a digital card on their phone, with the ability to access their loyalty scheme benefits and view their transaction history all in one place.

What would the Co-op get out of this? Greater engagement with happier customers.

What we did

We worked with their team to build the Co-op Membership app for both iOS and Android platforms.

Our team worked on-site alongside the Co-op’s design team, ensuring there was a constant open communication channel whenever it was needed.

Being one of the UK’s most established retailers brings a plethora of legacy IT system challenges. Successfully integrating a new native mobile app solution to these legacy systems was essential, to ensure that the mobile app would work as users expected.

Far from being just a digital card and a tool to view past transactions, through the app, 1% of a member’s yearly spend can be allocated to a local cause.

We developed a simple, intuitive UX/UI so members can easily review and select which local causes they would like to choose.


Co-op membership app

The results

The Co-op Membership app is still in testing and will soon be delivered to Co-op employees to review.

Once successful the testing stage is complete, a full version of the membership app will be considered for roll-out to all Co-op members nationwide.

While we provide technical support throughout the trial period, the Co-op are already conducting further research into the type of features members would like to see added to the solution over time, such as the inclusion of exclusive offers, coupons and vouchers.

Watch this space for more updates.