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We collaborated with one of the UK’s biggest retailers to deliver a mobile solution that drives membership scheme interaction

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The Brief

Following a report produced by the Co-op, it was clear many members were craving a better way to manage their membership through a mobile solution.

The Co-op embarked on a journey to find out if a mobile app would help members to manage their memberships with greater ease and efficiency.

Members told them they wanted a digital card on their phone, with the ability to access their loyalty scheme benefits all in one place.

What would the Co-op get out of this? Greater engagement with happier customers.

What we did

We worked with their team to build the Co-op Membership app for both iOS and Android platforms. Our team worked on-site alongside the Co-op’s design team, ensuring there was a constant open communication channel whenever it was needed. 

Being one of the UK’s most established retailers brings a plethora of legacy IT system challenges. Successfully integrating a new native mobile app solution to these legacy systems was essential, to ensure that the mobile app would work as users expected. 

We, and the Co-op digital team, wanted the app not just to be a digital card and tool to view past transactions, but a platform to give something back to members and communities through their new to 2019 ‘Local Community Fund’. 

Through the app, 2p for every pound spent goes to community causes, so we developed a simple, intuitive UX/UI so members can easily review and select which local causes they would like to allocate their donation to.

We launched the Co-op Membership app in beta in 2018 for review by Co-op employees and members. During this period we provided technical support through our operational success package, as well as consultancy surrounding further app features and developments for the Co-op’s long-term digital roadmap. One example of this is the digital offers feature, introduced to the app towards the end of 2018.

After 12 months of testing, improving and enhancing the original version of the app, it was successfully launched in September 2019 to the wider Co-op membership base.

The paperless version of coupons allowed members to scroll through current Co-op offers and add two to their card per week, and then redeem them in store using their smartphone.

COOP Membership App

But we didn't stop there

Over 450,000 mobile users and a year of innovation later, new for September 2020, is a bundle of exclusive features developed by us, driven by the needs of the Co-op membership communities.

It was important to the Co-op to help both their members with a seamless membership experience, but also their causes. We provided new functionality, enhanced their offering and drove more digital presence during the COVID-19 pandemic. The way shoppers spend both online and in-store changed in 2020, and Co-op wanted to ensure all members had improved access to their rewards, but could also do-good and donate to local causes close to them.

In 2019, Co-op members donated over £17m to over 4,000 causes via the app.

What's New

Digitalised membership card – In addition to the physical membership card, we’ve integrated a QR code feature bringing the card to life in the app, which can be used at manned or self-serve tills. Members also have increased usability through the personalised offer and redeem features.

Donating your balance – Members can now donate all or part of their rewards scheme balance to a cause chosen by them. Whether it be one close to their hearts or even a cause within their local community, Co-op members can donate 2p for every £1 spent to something they care about.The paperless version of coupons allowed members to scroll through current Co-op offers and add two to their card per week, and then redeem them in store using their smartphone.

In the first two days of the re-launch the Co-op Membership App received over 80,000 downloads, with a number 1 ranking in the App store’s Top Shopping Apps.

Post relaunch we’re continuing to work with the Co-op Membership team to update existing app features and constantly innovate, to provide the best mobile experience for their members. 

Learn more about our post-launch digital strategies here. 

“Apadmi have been our mobile development partner for over a year now and in that time we’ve delivered a lot of features in the Co-op app that members really value and we’re very happy with how it’s performed. But more importantly, Apadmi are a part of our team. They’re a fantastic bunch of people and it’s meant working on the app for the past year has been enjoyable and fulfilling. “Our goal is to continue to deliver more value to our members and their communities – the app and Apadmi have a huge role to play in that.”

Product Manager, Co-op Membership