Fokker Services

Crucial stock information updated by the second for global repair and service personnel

ProductFokker services app
LocationHoofddorp, Amsterdam
Size1000 employees

Key achievements

    Built an in-app database of over 800,000 components 

    Database was made available entirely in an ‘offline mode’ 

    4.8* app store rating with great user feedback

What you need to know

Details are everything - In aviation, the smallest fragment makes the biggest difference. Aircraft are a synergy between millions of units and every detail counts. Fokker Services ensures that defective aircraft are repaired as quickly as possible so that they can fly again immediately.

With more than 100 years of expertise, Fokker Technologies is a leading service provider in the aerospace industry. The global player with logistics centres in Atlanta, Singapore, and Amsterdam wanted to unify its services into one app to offer partners worldwide more insight into inventory, orders, repairs, and documentation. We made this ambition a reality with the Fokker Services app.

fokker 2.1

We are pleased to have such a brilliant partner for the development of our client app. Their ways of working, years of experience and expertise, and the energy of the team provide peace of mind and confidence. There is good energy within the team, they are straightforward and help us with the right focus. Together we are renewing and growing the Fokker Services app.

Manfred Hoogenboom Director E-Business Development, Fokker Services

How we moved the market

The app first launched in 2013 as Fokker in Stock and offered insight into inventory and the ability to order components, including alternative parts. New key features followed including requesting order status, viewing order documents, and requesting repair. Our mobile experts expanded the app to become Fokker's main service channel on mobile.

With an in-app database of over 800,000 components, the Fokker Services app makes service options and inventory information available to anyone, at any time of the day. The app was developed for a very diverse target group of mechanics, managers, and buyers, meaning that recognisability and efficiency were paramount.

The development of Fokker Services came with its challenges. One was setting up a search-optimised database of over half a million parts - from nuts to high-tech components. Another was data connectivity; since users sometimes consult the app without a good connection, we made the database available entirely in offline mode.

Fokker Services offers complete ease of use, from insight into documents to checking whether parts are repairable. For repairs, the app indicates whether repairs are done in-house or outsourced to third parties. When viewing parts that are not in stock, an alternative is offered whenever possible.

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