Our Work: BBC iPlayer Mobile Live TV & iPlayer Apps


iPlayer Mobile Live TV & iPlayer Apps

BBC Music App

Updates and improvements to the BBC’s iPlayer & Live TV apps.

Apadmi has worked with the BBC on the further development of their iPlayer mobile live TV application on Android, iOS and as web app solutions along with updates to the iPlayer application. We enhanced and improved the networking and streaming video capability of the BBC’s original web application, utlising a native wrapper to utilise the core capabilities of the platform.
Apadmi have also worked with the BBC on the enhancement of the iPlayer application. Leveraging our extensive mobile expertise we created a solution that extended beyond the Symbian solution wth embedded browser control for browsing the iPlayer site with a custom, full-screen media player for streaming both catch-up and live TV and radio streams.


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Download TV programmes to watch on the move, watch live on 3G and 4G and catch up on the past 30 days. The ongoing work with the BBC has led to Apadmi being recognised as BBC approved supplier and is part of the BBC roster.

“The iPlayer app is a masterpiece in simplicity. The content sits at the forefront at all times and the albeit slick-as-you-like interface sits very much under the surface. ”

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