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Apple tablet-based, HTML 5 web app and Microsoft .Net server to replace a paper-based process inside the NHS, to assist Specialist Nurses with organ donation

Apadmi was selected by NHS Blood and Transplant to provide a combined Apple tablet app and server solution, helping it work towards becoming a paperless function. The solution reduces the administrative workload for Specialist Nurses, allowing them to spend more time with patients and the clinical donor management team, rather than spending precious time completing paperwork.

What we delivered

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The ability for multiple Specialist Nurses to capture over 600 data points per patient at the point the information becomes available

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A mobile solution that supports the NHS’s desire for future digitisation across the organisation and that integrates with the NHS’s existing systems and workflows, whilst still allowing Specialist Nurses to work in an internet-free zone

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An app that went through a rigorous UX development process and included expansive user testing that involved multiple internal sessions with Specialist Nurses

nhs app

Apadmi is working alongside NHS Blood and Transplant to save lives


UK organs from deceased donors transplanted in 2015 - 16
nhs app
nhs app
NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) is a Special Health Authority within the NHS and organ donation is a time-critical process. When a donor passes away, the team has a limited time to retrieve tissue and organs, to enable life saving transplants before their function declines and they are no longer suitable for transplant. Specialist Nurses working in NHSBT needed to complete various documents, many of them paper-based, in order to ensure organs are directed to those patients who need them most as fast as possible. Time taken to complete this paperwork, some of it duplicated from other documentation, is time taken away from Specialist Nurses that could be spent caring for donors and their families.
nhs app

Used in over 200 acute hospitals UK-wide

Apadmi delivered a tablet-based Apple app called DonorPath developed specifically for Specialist Nurses working in NHSBT. DonorPath allows Specialist Nurses to input over 600 different data points specific to organ donation which is then integrated to a backend server and other NHS back-office systems.

A key benefit of the iPad app is the huge reduction in the amount of paperwork required to be completed by Specialist Nurses. Rather than hand-writing patient information onto a piece of paper and then rekeying the information back into a computer at a later stage, nurses can now enter data directly into the mobile app, which checks the entry for accuracy and greatly reduces the chance of human error. Data security is also improved as all data entered into the mobile app is encrypted. NHSBT has also seen a reduction in printed paperwork costs: over 18,000 forms are submitted through the app each year, which equates to over 132,000 A4 sheets of paper which now do not need to be printed.
nhs app
nhs app
nhs app


Number of app form submissions per year
The DonorPath app is assisting with digitisation within UK healthcare and revolutionising the traditional processes within the NHS. The project was delivered to tight timescales and budgets, which was essential for a publicly funded project. The team at Apadmi Enterprise reassured the NHSBT team every step of the way through a comprehensive user testing process to ensure that they were comfortable using the app on a daily basis - they're the experts, after all.

To understand more about the important work being done by NHS Blood and Transplant, please visit the NHS Organ Donation website

Disclaimer - All data used in images is for illustration purposes only and is not taken from patient records.

“DonorPath has enabled our Specialist Nurses to work in a truly mobile way. Digitising the largely paper-based process has increased efficiency and allowed the team to spend more time on patient care. It has transformed the way our nurse's work.”

John Richardson

Head of Health Informatics - Organ Donation and Transplantation

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