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Apadmi bolsters Very’s team to deliver mobile app excellence

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ProductVery app
HQLiverpool, UK
Group revenue£2,148 million
Client since2021

Key achievements

    Provided mobile app development skills to bolster Very’s internal team

    Developed a test automation suite for improvements to the sign-in process

    Helped develop new features for Very’s mobile app

    Client praised Apadmi’s “outstanding mobile app development expertise.”

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What you need to know

Apadmi started working together with The Very Group in August 2021 and the engagement is ongoing.

To date the team has supported two main projects, the first involved bolstering their internal team to help with the development of a mobile application when they found it difficult to hire mobile skills. The second involved developing a new customer loyalty proposition, which included a set of new features for the app across iOS and Android.

Apadmi’s expertise in mobile app development is outstanding. I don’t think there’s anything they can improve on. They’re responsive to our needs and adaptive — it was easy for them to come in and work within our team and culture. Overall, they’ve been able to produce good results. The feedback is all positive.

Neil Memmott Head of Technology, The Very Group

How we moved the market

Apadmi first helped Very by providing two engineers and two testers to help with engineering and QA development. The goal here was to create a test automation suite for changes to the Very app.

In the second phase, a larger team was employed to design and develop new features for the app. This included a mix of engineers as well as a product owner and product manager. This project required working with UX prototypes, technical architecture and high-level solution designs to develop the new loyalty proposition.

Throughout both engagements, the feedback from Very’s internal team was resoundingly positive with particular praise for Apadmi’s project management skills and the regular updates and visibility over the progress being provided. Overall, Very is delighted with Apadmi's straightforward and professional work and both parties look forward to continuing to work together.

Read the full Clutch interview with Neil Memmott, Head of Technology at The Very Group here.


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