Apadmi Life – what’s new?

In 2020, Apadmi life changed. Twice.

In February, we moved into our new HQ at Anchorage in Salford Quays. Then 3 weeks later we all moved out. 

We also reached 150 in head count – normally that would be all the excuse we needed for a party, but times were different. Instead, we focused on the new challenge of onboarding and getting to know our new team members in a quieter but just as welcoming way, from our homes and through our screens.

The whole team kept coming together too. Yes, we did the zoom-quiz thing, but we also flipped our twice-weekly crossfit training to virtual sessions at home, and made sure that our team lunches still happened – just in our own kitchens. 

We introduced a Company Sit-Down every Friday to share ever-changing news and introduce a wild variety of weekly special guests from comedians, magicians, cocktail makers and zoo guides, to an interesting medley of 80s tribute acts. The less that’s said about some of those, the better!

There’s been a lot of positives in the forced change within Apadmi Life. We’ve learnt how to engage with each other in new and improved ways. We’ve grown our relationships as our clients saw inside our homes, and us theirs. We’re communicating just as well, even if we aren’t in the same room. We’ve managed to learn new collaboration and delivery processes quicker than ever. We feel like we’ve become a more flexible, connected team, ready to take on anything.

And now, times are changing again. We’re seeing a few more faces in the office as people start to venture out slowly and safely again, and we’re making some changes to our workspaces that aim to keep us safely together, but at a distance. While the next phase of Apadmi life is our main focus, clients are now coming to us with new challenges, as they too look towards the future.

We’re hearing about an even greater emphasis on technology, and we’re excited about working with more organisations in more ways. The demand for talented digital people hasn’t gone away in the pandemic – in fact, the opposite, which is why last week we welcomed a new Head of Acquisitions and Mergers, Jasper van de Luijtgaarden and appointed Andrew Smith, as our New Business Development Director. We’ve also expanded our team by over 30 people since the start of the year, reinforcing our teams with developers, testers, designers, and product owners to prepare for this next period of change within Apadmi life. 

This growth has to be safe though – the wellbeing of our team has come into even sharper focus since March, so we’ve brought forward plans to expand onto another floor of Anchorage. This extra 4,500sq ft will allow us to keep a 2m distance between all our desks, as we welcome more new faces to Apadmi. 

“This year brought a change that no one saw coming. Although we’ve always championed flexible and remote working opportunities, we’ve never had to do it for the entire company at once. We were all working from home for a couple of weeks before lockdown” I’m so proud of the way that the whole team quickly adapted, but now is the time to plan for the future. Whilst we’re still actively encouraging the team to stay at home for now, we want to make sure we’re ready for the next phase. Our team like to work together so it’s important we find a way to do it safely”


Whilst for now, most of our team are remaining at home and only visiting HQ when they need, we’re getting ready and optimistic for what comes next. 


And now for a little bit of breaking news…

Last Thursday we won Best Innovative App at the Campaign Tech Awards for our world-first fan engagement solution with SailGP. Other winners on the night included Adidas, Puma, Mastercard and Vodafone – we’re delighted to be in such great company. 

The Campaign Tech Awards are designed to honour the collaboration between brave clients, smart creatives and game-changing tech. Working with the SailGP team has been a privilege and all of those things… 

Here’s what our Chief Client Officer, Matt Hunt had to say at the virtual ceremony…

We’re currently recruiting for a range of roles across our mobile and server teams, along with vacancies in design, marketing, product management, operations and testing. Head over to our careers page today if you want to join us in the next phase of Apadmi Life.

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