We are Apadmi Enterprise

We enable mobile business developing the apps and solutions needed to mobilise the internal workplace.

What Makes Us Different

We work collaboratively and consultatively with our clients, helping key stakeholders to identify, understand and address their IT requirements. Our deep heritage within the industry of mobile and technology has seen us gain prestigious recognition, form standing partnerships within the industry and build the capabilities to develop comprehensive systems and infrastructure, of which mobile plays a part of.

Who We've Worked With

A brief intro to the enterprise customers that we’ve worked with
Apadmi - Enterprise App developer

We create Consumer Apps.

We also create iconic consumer apps for many of the world's most renowned brands.

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Enterprise Mobile Use Cases

Our experience working with clients spans a multitude of different sectors and business requirements.
Workflow Management

Mobility systems to provide the infrastructure for the set-up, performance and management of workflow.

KPI & Performance Management

Mobility solutions to report on key performance indicators and performance on a micro and or macro level.

Expense Management

Mobility solutions provide an interface for employees and/or personnel to manage expenses in an efficient and intuitive way.

B2B Communications

Mobility solutions to provide a mechanism for B2B market communications and client interaction in a professional and refined way.

Communication & Mobility Solutions

Consolidated and advanced solutions to enhance corporate communication and the mobility of staff.

Staff Training

Mobility solutions to improve the means by which staff training is executed.

Process Transformation

Integrated solutions to redefine and mobilise corporate processes as part of a wider supportive infrastructure.

Data Record & Management

Mobility solutions to securely record, report and manage corporate data.