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by Apadmi Careers|Tue Mar 30 2021

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Apadmi knows how important it is not just to grow our business, but to grow the talents and passions of the people that make up our team.

We’re always looking to recruit new team members, especially enthusiastic, proactive young people with a passion for digital. That’s why Apadmi is part of the Degree Apprenticeship Scheme, designed to help combat the digital skills gap and ensure that talented young people find their way into a job that can nurture and expand their skills.

What is the Degree Apprenticeship Scheme?

With the Degree Apprenticeship scheme, participants can work at an organisation like Apadmi, whilst also taking time to complete a degree – giving them both practical, hands-on experience, as well as academic education. 

This essentially means that for every two months one of our degree apprentices spends at Apadmi, they also spend 4 days at university, either physically or remotely, and complete an assignment. After four years of these two-month educational sprints, the apprentices graduate and gain a degree in their field of study. 

How many degree apprentices does Apadmi have? 

Currently, we have two members of our design team undergoing the degree apprenticeship scheme – Gabe and Simon – but we’ve previously had apprentices in other areas of the business

Apadmi supports the apprentices with mentoring from our leadership team, as well as flexible working hours that allow students to fit their work around their studies. We try to give each apprentice as much exposure as possible across the business, so they get the chance to actively apply the skills they’re learning on the job.

“I’ve had a busy year with COVID and real-life events which have made managing everything slightly more challenging. The help and support from my team leader and Apadmi’s accommodation to people working from home have made a big difference in managing this apprenticeship.”Gabe FoxDesign Apprentice

Importantly, the apprenticeship scheme is open to students of any age, so we’ve been able to offer it to team members seeking a relevant qualification later in their careers, including our current apprentice and mature-learner Simon-Peter Lincoln. 

How valuable is the scheme to the apprentices?

We sat down with Gabe and Simon to ask them what the scheme meant to them and how it would support them in their careers once they graduate:

“For me, I think it’s just an amazing opportunity and I will be forever grateful to Apadmi for offering me it. After just half a year on the course, I feel as though I’ve already learned so much that I can apply to work. My way of thinking has been changed to have a real focus on user-centred design.”Gabe FoxDesign Apprentice“I moved into design from a completely different career and essentially taught myself, with the help of a mentor. This degree offers me the ability to back up my design decisions with academic certification and will help open doors to the next stage of my career.”Simon-Peter LincolnDesign Apprentice

Apadmi’s participation in the Degree Apprenticeship Scheme is one of many initiatives that have been launched to support the growth of our staff including our personal development plans and training options, as well as our mindfulness and life coaching sessions. 

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