Shared success with Very and Co-op

Current economic challenges are making more bad news than good, so celebrating the wins when you can is as important as ever.

Being able to deliver real value is the ultimate gauge of success for any partnership. But demonstrating that within large organisations is rarely easy. Without tangible results, is it possible to genuinely share success?

The Very Group recently announced it has successfully grown its full-year profits beyond pre-pandemic figures, with group revenue up and retail sales having increased by 15.3 percent on a two-year basis. 

In-house native mobile support

Apadmi began working with Very in summer 2021, initially to bolster its in-house team with native mobile expertise. The scope grew to a larger team of eight and is ongoing with support across design and development.

“The feedback is all positive; they’ve been an easy and professional partner,“ says Neil Memmot, head of technology at The Very Group. “They’re also responsive to our needs and adaptive — it was easy for them to come in and work within our team and culture. Overall, they've been able to produce good results.”

Clearly Apadmi’s part in The Very Group’s success is tiny, but the success should still be applauded. While the relevant numbers aren’t in the millions, the sense of support, teamwork and expertise shared is where the real value of the relationship can be found.

Part of our team

Apadmi works with another large UK retailer, helping Co-op to build and maintain its supermarket loyalty app. With promiscuity high on the high street, retaining customers has never been more important and digitising the coupon experience for Co-op was key.

An embedded team has been working on the iOS and Android app for the last four years, delivering product improvements including tailored offers and coupons and the ability to donate to local charities. Membership numbers and engagement have grown steadily ongoing.

“Apadmi is a part of our team,” says Louise Nicholas, Product Manager, Co-op Membership. “They’re a fantastic bunch of people and it’s meant working on the app for the past year has been enjoyable and fulfilling. Our goal is to continue to deliver more value to our members and their communities – the app and Apadmi have a huge role to play in that.”

Success is often measured by the numbers and as a data-driven, digital product business, Apadmi of course subscribes to that view. But it’s important to recognise the intangible stuff too.

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