Digital Customer Loyalty Report 2024

Learn how the digital loyalty landscape is changing in our 23/24 report with insights from over 100 market-leading brands.

Digital customer loyalty report 2024 | Brochure thumbnail cover image

Digital customer loyalty report 2024 | Brochure thumbnail cover image
Digital Customer Loyalty Report 2024 | Inside Report Preview Image

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Loyalty is more important than ever. It's a priority for every brand owner, and digital experiences have changed the way customers want and expect to interact with the brands they buy from.

But are businesses taking full advantage of everything digital loyalty has to offer? Are the right platforms being invested in and how do you ensure they encourage positive customer experiences to drive retention and growth?

Download our 23/24 Digital Customer Loyalty Report to find out.

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Digital products are becoming instrumental in shaping loyalty - the value they can create for both businesses and customers is hard to ignore. But what’s really exciting from our survey results is the potential to do even more. It feels like the surface is only just being scratched.

Marcus Hadfield Chief Strategy Officer, Apadmi

Lift the lid on loyalty

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    Find out why almost two thirds of businesses are still playing catch up when it comes to digital loyalty with exclusive insights from nearly 100 loyalty experts

    Understand why 87% of participants are expecting spend on digital customer loyalty ro increase or significantly increase in the next 12 months

    69% of survey respondents agreed or strongly agreed that their digital loyalty programme has driven new customer acquisition, find out how a loyalty app can drive acquisition.

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