Putting the power in the hands of UK shoppers: A retail apps survey

Learn how the retail app landscape is changing in our 2024 report with insights from over 1000 consumers.



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The retail app revolution

As the retail sector evolves, the importance of retail apps is evident. What was once an alternative way to shop has become an essential tool in the consumer's journey. They blend the convenience of online browsing with the immersive experience of in-store shopping, all in the palm of your hand.

This evolution from physical to digital platforms reflects a broader shift in consumer expectations, with retail apps now at the heart of modern shopping habits. The 2024 Retail App Report has surveyed 1000 UK shoppers to investigate how consumers interact with retail apps.

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Providing in-app offers and rewards that are correct for the customer will be intuitive and valuable. It's about building personalisation and value for each customer - this is where loyalty retail apps can become great.

Kat Jackson Senior Product Owner, Asda

What to expect from the report

We asked 1000 shoppers what their must have app features are...

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Inside the report we divulge just how much value customers get from the following tools:

    Loyalty programmes

    Price comparison

    Personalised offers

To find out the priorities of 1000 retail customers, download the report today.

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