App Refresh

Digital is an ever-evolving field and it can be hard to keep on top of the latest in UX best practice and current design trends. 

If you find yourself with an out-of-date product or one that is just not performing anymore, our App Refresh service can help kick-start it.

As an unbiased fresh pair of eyes, we can show you what parts of your product might be in need of improvement – and also tell you what it’s still doing well.

Components of our App Refresh process

There’s a lot to consider when we review your mobile solution.

Whether this is an expert review of an existing product, or preview designs for an upcoming launch, we’ll look at the product in its entirety and give you a report of any issues, along with suggestions you can add to both your short and long term roadmaps.

Here are some of the areas we’ll cover…

Our designers will conduct a thorough review of your existing product, identifying areas for improvement and any missed opportunities. We review against current industry best practices, checking if your product meets accessibility standards and demonstrates a good experience for the user. We hold it up against what else is out there now – design approaches that may have come along since your product was launched – and put forward ways in which it could be improved.

In addition to standing out from the competition, being aware of how your product compares to your competition is essential. It’s an often-repeated mantra in the UX industry that users spend most of their time on products and websites other than yours. This means that their expectations for your product are framed by, and compared to, what else they’re using.

Our designers will conduct a review of any apps or websites that exist within the same space as yours, measuring them against defined key metrics, and offer strategic insights into their features, flows and interfaces. We’ll also make a comparison with relevant products from outside your sector if they have similar features or flows.

An often-overlooked element of design is ensuring that your product is accessible to those with different needs.

If your product isn’t doing things right, it could be making people’s life more difficult and alienating them, which can be detrimental to your brand. By contrast, making your design inclusive will improve user satisfaction overall, and expand your potential user base.

Our approach to inclusive design goes far beyond just considering people with a recognised disability and complying with accessibility guidelines. It also encompasses, for instance, ageing users who need the text to be a little larger, people with a temporary impairment, and those that may be distracted by their environment. 

There’s a whole raft of continuously evolving design ‘best practice’ that contributes to a quality user experience. Our team will review your product’s existing UX and UI to identify any issues – highlighting specifically any ‘quick wins’ that can be implemented easily.

We have many years of experience in crafting functional but beautiful apps and websites, so we know what to look out for – simple outdated design patterns, fundamental issues with navigation, poor handling of errors, and frustrating data capture forms. These are just some of the usability issues we can identify and report back on, making suggestions to get your app back on track.

In addition to our expert advice, we’ll also seek out the opinions of arguably the most important people involved: your users. 

We’ll consider the sentiment of your users’ app store reviews for instance, to see what they’re both happy or unhappy with, and note any suggestions they have for improvements. 

We can also undertake a round of more in-depth user research, speaking to your existing or potential customer base to gather both qualitative insights and quantitative data, to inform any recommendations.

If you’d like us to implement the changes we suggest, we’d also perform a full review of the codebase and architecture, to identify any issues that might undermine the product’s continuing development.