These days, customers demand more from your digital products than just something that does the job. 

Innovative features across all sectors – from entertainment streaming services, to app-only banking – have raised the bar for everyone, and customer expectation is at an all time high. 

The User Experience (UX) of your mobile app or website matters more than ever.

We specialise in creating great user experiences that your customers will love and engage with. We do this through a user-centeric UX and UI design process, that involves the users in order to make a better product.

UX Design

Our UX Design process is a combination of user research methods, design best practice and technical know-how, with a creative and innovative approach to solving design challenges. We aim to design simple, intuitive solutions to even the most complex problems, making experiences that your customers will love.

Following user research, the process starts with hand sketching the key functional concepts and getting some immediate stakeholder feedback. These are quickly iterated upon and developed into low-fidelity UX wireframes, describing the product’s main features and screens, alongside user flow maps to define how the user interacts with it. 

You’ll be able to see how the screens and features fit together using an interactive prototype, which in addition to being a great demonstration of the product, also allows us to get valuable feedback from real users through Usability Testing.

Usability Testing

Our Usability Testing process gives us first-hand, honest user feedback that we can use to improve our products, to make it more intuitive and engaging. We test early in the process, and ideally throughout to ensure the product meets the needs of the user. The goal is not only to optimise the designs, but also to make them as inclusive and accessible as possible. 

Because we recognise how important it is to involve real users in our process, we created our own in-house usability testing suite (The Curious Lab) that we use for one-to-one testing. During the pandemic however, all of our testing shifted to be done remotely. Either way, you’ll be able to observe as we engage with real users and get their thoughts, giving us confidence the product design meets their needs as well as those of the business.

As well as part of our wider process, we also offer usability testing as a standalone service to help you identify areas for improvement in your existing mobile solution for example. 

UI Design

User Interface design (also called Visual Design) is where we really bring the interface to life, evolving the wireframes and prototype with a combination of branding, typography, iconography and imagery. We research current trends in the market and produce UI designs that make your product stand out in terms of both quality and creativity. 

As we create the UI designs, a visual ‘design language’ is defined to maintain consistency in the look and feel of the product, which helps uphold the visual quality our clients expect from us, while ensuring no surprises when it comes to development.

As with everything that we do, our approach to UI design is reinforced by a focus on the user. We promote user engagement by ensuring a fantastic user experience, great usability and stunning visual design. But it doesn’t stop there – with our knowledge of accessibility, we can ensure your product has inclusive design built-in, not bolted-on as an afterthought.