Research underpins the decisions we make at all stages of the digital journey.

It’s critical that we understand your customers, your potential customers and other users. It’s also important to have a clear view into your market or organisation.

We gather data in multiple ways, and work hard to turn it into meaningful insights that then inform the strategies we define and the products we build.

Our research methodologies

We use the right research for the right project, at the right time. 

No one approach is the same, so we’ll draw on a toolbox that will give us the answers we need. Namely:


This type of analysis helps us form a picture of your market, its the threats and its opportunities


This research method gives us the confidence to identify the behaviours of your users


This stage then adds more context, so we can understand why users behave in the way they do

Data analysis

Thorough data analysis gives us the evidence of product success and informs our optimisation techniques

In the early stages of defining a product, we’ll explore propositions and ideas with a small group.

During design, users are tested with prototypes of increasing fidelity, each time delivering  insight into the next iterative improvements needed.

User testing takes many forms. Our trained team facilitate groups or one-to-one studies in our dedicated space, The Curious Lab – but, they can also found guerilla testing out in the field. Even pre-pandemic, we were running virtual tests with users in their homes.

Research is not just a pre-launch activity. We continually test new features and ideas as they’re rolled out, and continually monitor live user behaviour on the dashboards we create.