Web apps

While we’re experts in mobile app development, Apadmi recognises the need for other mobile solutions. 

Through our Web Apps service, Apadmi can offer a flexible and scalable solution boasting some of the functionality of a mobile app. Namely, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) – industry-leading, app-like experiences driven by cross-platform web applications. 

Working with your key stakeholders, our Web Apps team will help you decide if a PWA is right for your business, and then work with you to create the perfect solution.

What is a Progressive Web App?

PWAs are essentially websites with extra functionality, allowing them to interact with more fluidity than a traditional website. 

They’re dynamic, and can work across any device with a web browser, making them a natural cross-platform option.  

The real strength of progressive web apps is that they can be made to feel like a native app. We believe this is the real distinction between good and great PWAs. Native app features that PWAs offer include:


Touch gestures are something you take for granted on a native app, but it's less common on the web. This is partially down to the fact that the web doesn’t natively support the same breadth of gestures as those supported on Android and iOS – but, there are a lot of packages available now which make it much easier to implement app-like gestures in a PWA


Having tactile, physics-driven carousels is a very convincing feature. Being able to swipe smoothly between tiles is satisfying, and something users rarely associate with navigating a website on their phone. A lot of web-based carousels have ugly buttons for navigation and don’t feel smooth at all, so implementing this feature can make a huge difference


It’s not uncommon to see animation being used on a website, but to feel app-like, PWAs are built using many best practices to create animations that are silky smooth

Page transitions

Having animated transitions between different screens can make users forget that they’re navigating a website, and create an experience that feels much more like a native application

In short, Progressive Web Apps offer the same functionality as a native app, as long as it doesn’t involve the use of the device’s hardware features or the unique features of the OS. 

For example, if your business model relies on subscriptions or in-app-purchases, then a native solution would be the better option..

If you’re looking for a portal or access point that all of your customers, clients and employees can access remotely through any mobile device in a slick and seamless manner, then a PWA may be the right solution for your business.

Confused as to which app is right for you?

Learn more about the difference between native, hybrid and web apps in our downloadable guide.