Launch & Beyond

One of the most exciting stages in Apadmi’s solution process is the launch of a new app. It’s the final ‘make or break’ moment when weeks or even months of hard work all come to fruition. 

So, how do we ensure a successful launch? With our dedicated Launch & Beyond Team. 

Apadmi’s team of launch specialists draw upon over 20 years of experience and a range of disciplines, including development, app marketing and data analysis, to guide your product through the countdown to release, launch and the early days on the app stores. 

During this process, our team will ensure that the release on each app store is optimised and your product gets as much visibility as possible to drive early adoption. The team will also support your product’s performance through the early stages of release, safeguarding your app from breakage or negative reviews, as a high volume of users accesses it for the first time.

Our Launch & Beyond Team

Our Launch & Beyond Team is made up of professionals from across Apadmi, who also work on the other steps of the solution process.

This is key, as it means they have a full understanding of your product and how to support it rapidly at launch.

One of the key groups within our Launch & Beyond Team is our product marketers and data scientists, as they’ll lead the App Store Optimisation of your solution, promoting your product’s visibility. 

Once the successful launch is complete, these groups will continue to support your product through further updates.

Community Management

Our Community Management service ensures that before your solution’s launch, you’re equipped with everything needed to provide excellent support to your users. You’ll receive:

  • A pack of bespoke stock answers for the most common questions and issues we believe your users may face, tailored to your app and how each of its features work.
  • Best practice training on how to respond to app reviews and top tips on how to convert 1-star reviews into 5-star reviews.


Armed with these tools and techniques, your team will be ready to grow your community and ensure a positive launch.

Product marketing support

We understand that sometimes our clients don’t have the capacity for extra work, so we’re here to help make it easier for you.

Should you need it, we can assist with all of the following:

Email campaigns

To promote your app, our team can create content and graphical assets for teaser, launch and post-launch email campaigns

Social Media

Our team can create engaging posts with bespoke graphical assets to promote the new app on each of your social platforms


We can create the graphical assets and copy needed for promotional landing pages, which are all fully optimised for SEO. We can also include download links that have full tracking capability embedded

Mobile PPC

We’ll create Apple Search Ad and Google App Campaign accounts, ensuring you have campaigns ready to go with relevant keywords and conversion tracking for your app. Once live, we'll also manage, optimise and report on these mobile PPC campaigns each month