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Tech that future proofs healthcare

At Apadmi, we not only specialise in digital solutions that really make a difference there and then, but will help the efficiency, safety, performance, capacity and management of healthcare for years to come. The solutions we create truly focus on future-proofing healthcare, improving the patient journey and making the working day easier for healthcare workers, so they can focus on what really matters.

Our work in Healthcare

Empowering specialist NHS nurses with technology

The app we built for the NHS Blood and Transplant specialist is estimated to save an average of 25% of duplicated work. The app lets nurses input all 600 data-points needed to facilitate a transplant through an iPad, that they can take with them anywhere.

This frees up their schedule to spend more time with the families of the donor and make sure they feel supported, cared for and educate them about the process. The app is used in 260 hospitals across the UK and has over 18 000 forms submitted every year.

Improving access to repeat prescriptions for the

The app first launched in May 2019 and was built to make ordering and collecting your repeat prescription easier. Later on, Apadmi also integrated the ability for customers to set up a secure connection to their GP.

The app has over 200,000 downloads, receives an average of 9600 orders every month and allows patients to order their repeat prescriptions in a secure and streamlined way.

What we can do for you

Apadmi has worked worked with both public and private healthcare and pharmaceutical companies as a trusted technological partner. We hold the expertise to start, lead and drive a digital innovation project, helping clinicians use the full range of their skills, reducing bureaucracy, stimulating research and enabling service transformation.

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