The Healthcare industry has become one of the most important and fastest-growing sectors in recent years. Technology has opened up new possibilities for both patients and carers, allowing them to access information in minutes from their phone – something that previously took hours, if not days. 

Prescription renewal services, health monitoring apps and digital transformation projects have become common in the industry, and we expect them to be critical in the years to come. 

We relish these new opportunities at Apadmi, having worked alongside industry leaders like the NHS, Co-op Health and the General Medical Council to support doctors, nurses and patients with technology-driven solutions, and see the incredible potential on the horizon. 

Apadmi believes the key to a more efficient and effective Healthcare industry will be the skilful application of technology to support healthcare professionals. 

Apadmi as your Healthcare technology partner

Apadmi’s unique insight and experience in the Healthcare industry makes us confident that we can identify and solve any challenges within the Healthcare sector.

Our designers, developers and engineers have a wide range of propositions to offer you and your business, from driving patient engagement using powerful data management tools, to helping you understand ‘The Art of the Possible’ within tech.

What we do

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The latest trends in Healthcare app development

It’s no surprise that with almost 200 Healthcare technology professionals, our office is constantly filled with talk around the latest advances in the sector. Here’s a rundown of the topics that have got us talking recently: