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We’ve been creating mobile technology and server solutions for a long time, for a lot of different customers. During this time we have developed a strategic understanding of how to help clients identify their business goals and subsequently meet and exceed objectives through mobile technology.

There is no industry standard for mobile app consultancy, so it is down to each mobile app development company to develop their own method. Through workshops, conferences, full specification phases and feasibility studies, we help ideas becomes apps.

We deploy a team of mobile app consultants who offer expert industry advice tailored to your specific requirements and working practices from a technology agnostic perspective.

How Does Mobile App Consultancy Work?

Before we start the formal process, we provide a pre-consultancy document to give you an idea of what your project could look like. If you’re happy, we get started with our workshops, helping you to build a vision of the final product.

We’ll help you hone in on your MVP (minimum viable product) and then consult with UX/UI designers in order to give you a vision of how the solution will look and feel.

After this, we hand over the full documentation so you’re free to work with your in-house team or simply shop around. The majority of our clients stay with us for the lifetime of their project, but we are truly a no-obligation mobile app development company.

Collaboration is Key

By adopting a collaborative approach, we help key stakeholders to marry their ideas with technical possibilities. The result is an effective and well-defined mobile strategy that shapes a company’s vision moving forwards.

This kind of collaboration cannot take place in a phone call or email, which is why we welcome all stakeholders into the workshop process.

Why Choose Apadmi?

Our workshops are the result of 18 years of mobile app development and provide concrete documentation at every stage. We run two types of workshops: Vision Workshops help clients to take an idea and run with it. We provide a framework for expanding the idea into a minimum viable product.

After this, we run Definition Workshops to help our clients better understand the process as part of a bigger picture.

After the workshop phase, we consult with UX and UI designers to give the project a shape and form. At this stage, you will understand the flow of the solution and how it will look.

And finally, the project is handed to a technical lead. They will review the architecture to ensure it can be delivered on time and on budget. The client is then handed the full documentation and possible roadmap for future requirements if required.

De-Risk with the Right Mobile App Development Company

Investing in mobile technology is a big step; we aim to remove the risk using our unique mobile app consultancy process. Our workshop process ensures that everyone is on the same page, and expectations are managed at every stage of the process.

If you’re struggling with a project that has gone off the rails, we can help to identify where the process went wrong and build on this to put you back on the right track.

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