Our services extend beyond that of designing, developing and launching an app; our team is on hand to help support, maintain and further optimise your mobile app or server technology past it’s Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Technology, and mobile more specifically, is a fast paced and rapidly changing industry. Through our support and optimisation contracts we can help clients with operating system and handset updates, developing new features as industry or business requirements evolve.

From App Optimisation to Future Roadmapping

If this is your first venture into mobile, you will likely be launching your MVP. After launch, this is the perfect time to return to your strategy planning and start looking beyond your minimum requirements.

We can work with customer feedback on your app to help provide a roadmap for future development. This can include streamlining the app to creating new features based on user feedback or new technology.

All technology needs to deliver results, and that’s why we ensure customers can analyse usage and drill down into detailed mobile analytics of their solution. This helps customers to see what’s working and what needs optimising for future developments.

Adapting to New Technology

A key part of app optimisation and mobile app development involves trend-spotting for future developments.

Technology that may not have been available during the early stages of your app development may be readily available a few months after launch.

This is the nature of the technology industry, and we welcome these updates and developments. For example, we might look for ways to integrate Augmented Reality (AR) technology into an e-commerce website, or to make an app more secure using biometric fingerprint scanner technology.

We can also work with customers to develop prototypes of new mobile technology solutions through our Apadmi Labs team. Following successful prototyping, we push through into our delivery teams to design, develop, test and launch the full solution.

Technical Server Support

Our service doesn’t stop after launch, and we will be on-hand to assist with further server support and mobile app optimisation.

If a new OS update looks set to shake up your app, we’ll be there to help ensure the transition is a smooth one.

We can also assist with reputation management on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, as no company owner wants to see their brand painted in a poor light.