We are a mobile technology company

Apadmi is the UK’s leading mobile-first, digital agency. We’ve been creating digital products for mobile users for twenty years.  That doesn’t mean we only build mobile apps – we build experiences for end users who are mobile.

We help global brands and ambitious organisations innovate and grow by developing the mobile apps, websites, services and voice skills that connect them with their customers, people and systems. Simply, we deliver the technology that makes things better in our increasingly mobile world.

How we do it

Our team of over 170 specialists work with you at each stage of your journey.

We're a collaborative group of digital designers, iOS and Android developers, server engineers, data analysts, product owners, project managers and testers. We have as many server developers as native mobile – it’s this unique combination that sets us apart, and enables us to integrate with the most complex of systems.

We also have front-end web developers, mobile cross-platform developers, data scientists, performance engineers and product marketeers. We do things differently here, and thats what drives our clients successes.

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We continually challenge ourselves and look to find new ways to make things better – new ideas, new processes, new technology.

We’re agile & lean

All our solutions - whether mobile apps, web, data, systems, AR, AI, IoT and voice skills - are bespoke and delivered predominantly through agile development. Over the last 20 years we’ve delivered innovative digital products that have delivered lasting value in all sectors, including Retail, Finance, Healthcare, Sport and Utilities. We marry best practice with efficiency - ensuring that we can launch impactful solutions that scale, quickly.

Restless Innovation

There’s a sign in the office that reminds us that ‘The Only Constant Is Change’. Mobile commerce is forecast to double in three years. Voice hasn’t really kicked off yet. AR (augmented Reality) and AI & ML (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) are a way from mass adoption. 5G is still niche. We know huge change is coming, which is why we’re committed to open-minded research and continual innovation. We’re here for your future.