Product Roadmap

Once our Define Team understands the needs of your business, your vision for the solution and the features needed to reach your goals, they’ll take your key stakeholders through our Product Roadmap service.

This service allows our team to work with you to create a tangible roadmap broken into multiple sprints, with key milestones directly linked to deliverables in order of business priority. 

Our Product Roadmap service is key to ensuring that our Design, Develop and Drive teams are coordinated with your business, and any time-sensitive needs you may have. 

How do we roadmap a product?

Apadmi’s Product Roadmap team has a great understanding of our services and the speeds of our various teams.

They’ve tracked all our projects and created detailed estimates of how long each service takes to complete. These estimates form the basis of our roadmaps, but they’re far from the finished product. 

Our team will work with key stakeholders in your business to understand your priorities, and which services will be the most beneficial to you. With an understanding of both our own pipeline speeds and your priorities, we can create a set of milestones that form a product roadmap.

Ideally, we aim to set out a series of milestones covering the first 12 weeks of work with each of our clients, and then create further milestones if needed. 

Each milestone is made up of several deliverables that can be achieved over the course of 2-4 sprints. 

Milestones are put in priority order, so we’ll ensure we always do the quickest work that offers the most value first, wherever possible.

A product roadmap with this milestone framework allows you to see key checkpoints, where you can expect deliverables, as well as individual sprints that may have less tangible outcomes. 

Once this roadmap has been signed off by key stakeholders in both Apadmi and your business, we’ll engage our other teams and begin working towards that first milestone.