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A handy Android app to monitor mobile usage

In 2012, before all smartphones and networks had their own pre-installed tools to let you know how many minutes, texts and megabytes of data you’d used, keeping track of your phone usage was a real challenge.

Carphone Warehouse briefed Apadmi to help them do something about this – by way of an Android app that would allow customers to keep track of their monthly usage, and manage billing details of their account.

The key outcome for Carphone Warehouse? To help build and increase customer loyalty.
Our Work: Carphone Warehouse Bill Angel App

£1.5bn a year spent exceeding tariff allowances

We created Bill Angel – a bespoke Android mobile app that lets users enter their monthly allowances and then intuitively track calls, texts and data usage - all via through a simple graphical interface.

Customers set customisable notification alerts that inform them when they’re within 10-30% of their monthly allowance, and helped them avoid unexpected costs.

For customers who do not get close to their maximum monthly allowances, the data in the app helps them to decide if a different contract would be better for them at their next contract renewal date.
Since launch, over 100,000 customers have downloaded the app.

At the time, it was an industry first, helping both Carphone Warehouse and its customers and to go some way to reducing the £4.8 billion wasted by people paying for services they were not using.

“Data use is continuing to skyrocket and more and more customers are now regularly overspending on their bill by exceeding monthly data limits. We’re committed to providing customers with independent impartial advice and have created the Bill Angel app to offer people a simple way to track their mobile phone usage, alerting them before reaching their tariff limits and helping them avoid additional charges. ”

Graham Stapleton

Chief Commercial Officer, Carphone Warehouse 

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