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The carefully crafted and highly visual Android & Kindle Fire version of the app.

An app that beautifully reimagines the traditional newspaper for Android & Kindle Fire, Apadmi were commissioned to develop the Guardian’s daily edition app.

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The app delivers each issue to showcase the Guardian’s comprehensive international reporting, thoughtful commentary, award-winning sports journalism and unique approach to culture, science, the environment, media and technology coverage.


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With video embedded into articles, the app takes users closer to the stories creating an immersive and real world experience. Copy and select text or look up words using Apple's inbuilt dictionary with all content readable offline meaning connection is not crucial.

“You can tailor the app to match your personal preferences, highlighting stories and features that matter to you. Notifications can also be altered to fit your liking, ensuring you’re alerted to stories as soon as they are published. The ability to save content and view it offline is also another nice feature”

The Metropolist

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