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Guardian Edition app

Bringing the best of print journalism into the digital age with an interactive mobile platform for news features and everything in between


The brief

As a national media outlet and leading UK publication, the Guardian like to stay ahead of the curve.

In 2012, they were determined to bring their print readership, which at the time stood at over 211,000 people, a new way of reading their favourite newspaper.

We were tasked with creating a simple but engaging and innovative digital edition of their paper.

What we did

The Guardian Edition app allows any reader to enjoy the same news and interviews they did before, in a portable format.

Our developers and UX designers ensured that the app showcased the Guardian’s comprehensive and varied international reporting style. But readers could personalise their experience too, highlighting stories of interest and then updating their profile with content preferences.

Crucially, we added an interactive level to the app with video embeds, making articles far more enjoyable, detailed and immersive.



The results

The Android Guardian Edition app now has well over a million downloads.

Filled with rich, thought-provoking content, Android and Kindle Fire users can now engage with their favourite newspaper no matter where they are, and in a way that would never have been possible with print.

“You can tailor the app to match your personal preferences, highlighting stories and features that matter to you. Notifications can also be altered to fit your liking, ensuring you’re alerted to stories as soon as they’re published. The ability to save content and view it offline is also another nice feature.”
The Metropolist