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The highly visual and interactive iOS brochure app used in Lexus showrooms.

Lexus briefed us to digitise its global showroom sales and replace paper brochures.

The vision was to enhance Lexus’ customer journey and immerse prospective buyers in an interactive digital experience for the launch of the new Lexus IS model.

Our challenge was to create a mobile tool that would be used by the Lexus sales team to help highlight key attributes of the new car, and detail complex technological innovations.

It had to be interactive – the sales team wanted to change specifications in front of the customer based on their feedback, right away. And Lexus being Lexus – it had to offer a premium user experience.
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Available in 35 countries

In partnership with digital agency, Amaze, we built an iPad app that brought the key features of the new Lexus IS model to life in a way that paper never could.

The experience was built around an interactive 360-degree view of the user’s chosen car model, allowing them to rotate the car in any direction, as well as change the colour, wheels or optional extras for the interior or exterior. This made for a much richer sales conversation.

Our solution would be used in 35 different countries, meaning a multitude of environments needed to be catered for. So we had to ensure that the mobile solution would work without an internet connection. Data was downloaded and stored locally, and we balanced the need for high-quality visual and audio files with application performance and UX.

Lastly – it was a sales tool, so pricing and and other information was continually changing. We integrated with Lexus’ CMS servers for real-time data feeds.
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The application was successfully launched in 35 countries and configured for 27 languages.

Lexus has sold over 134,000 IS model cars in the US alone.

The solution was so successful that we were commissioned to develop a secondary app for to showcase further interactive videos of the IS model.

“We worked with Apadmi to create our video and create a mobile experience which formed part of the wider IS campaign. The apps main use is within Lexus showrooms to inspire and inform customers and offer something beyond a traditional print brochure”

Andrew Bennington

European Director at Amaze

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