Bringing traditional in-flight literature into the digital age with interactive media

Onboard App

Thomas Cook onboard app

Improving the customer experience of travel with a digital magazine that allowed a major airline to engage directly with its customers, even before they set foot in the airport

The brief

The flight brochures on-board Thomas Cook airlines are read by millions of holidaymakers every year.

In 2012, Thomas Cook gave us the brief of digitising their printed in-flight materials to make them more engaging, bringing the excitement of going on holiday into the hands of customers before they reach the airport check-in gate.

What we did

We built the Thomas Cook onboard app – a multi-platform solution to their traditional media challenge. which revolutionised their presence within the travel industry.

Being a digital magazine, the app meant customers could browse in-flight brochures before they even reach the airport, but also interact with embedded videos, animations and other touch-points throughout the publication.

Those looking to find a bargain in the skies could use use the app to browse Thomas Cook’s ‘Shopping Emporium’ and find details on the latest Duty and Tax Free goods available on their flight.

And as Wi-Fi in airports can be sketchy at best, all content was downloaded in-advance, so users get the best possible experience, regardless of location or internet connectivity.

The results

In 2013, Thomas Cook took over 6 million people on holiday via 28,000 flights to over 60 countries across the globe.

All of these customers had access the Thomas Cook onboard app.

Whether at home, on the way to the airport or 30,000 feet in the air, all customers could enjoy Thomas Cook’s services much earlier and start their holiday sooner.