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An engaging Android app underpinned by rich media from across the globe.

Through working the Guardian, Apadmi has helped to transform the way journalistic content is written and consumed through the development of the multi-award winning Witness app.


Winner of Best Consumer App at the Event Technology Awards

Winner of Innovation of the Year at the British Journalism Awards

Winner of Best Entertainment App at the Mobile Entertainment Awards

"Bringing citizen journalism to a new level"


An app that "brings journalism to a new level"; the Guardian Witness app is the new home of user generated content. Apadmi were commissioned to develop the innovative news platform for Android which can be accredited for introducing groundbreaking change into the journalism industry. Every day users can submit their journalistic content in near real time and on the go.

Top 10 Innovation of the Year (Brand Republic)

The Guardian wished to keep pace with the ever increasing mobile centric society which we live in and subsequently were looking to expand their mobile offering. The 4* Android application has proven to be a stand out addition to the Guardian's mobile portfolio, winning numerous awards including Innovation of the Year. Since the app's launch over 80,000 contributions have been published and these have come from every major landmark in the world.


Users can submit content in copy, photographic or video form, responding to assignments set by real Guardian journalists. View others contributions from around the world, access exclusive Guardian Witness competitions, send ideas for stories and features and sign in with social media outlets Facebook or Twitter.

“The hub of user-generated content, the app enables users to contribute content to live news stories in real time. Apadmi were great to work with and quickly got to grips with the project objectives, delivering high quality code in a very short time”

Wendy Orr

Senior Product Manager at the Guardian

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