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Apadmi teamed up with Zoek to provide a clever solution for both job seekers and recruiters. Using machine learning, the app gets smarter over time and provides the right jobs to the best candidates.

More than 45% of candidates use their mobile phone when searching for a job.

Creating a tool to allow candidates and recruiters find the best possible match for each other was key for new recruitment portal, Zoek.

In 2016, Zoek approached us to help them make that match – through the new power of machine learning.

What we delivered

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The app learns your skills, job history and preferences to accurately match candidates with the best job for them. Utilising the power of machine learning, the more you use the app, the more it gets to know exactly what career path you want to take

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The app server updates every day with nearly 40,000 new jobs, and sends a push notification to the user's phone when one matches their necessary criteria. Accurate job searches with an auto-fill, dropdown menu also provides more relevant opportunities

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For easy accessibility, the Zoek app stores all of your documentation and CV, allowing access to them all in one place. Combining this with swipe action to save or dismiss roles provides immediate applications for all job seekers

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A smarter recruitment app that gets to know you and your career preferences


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We created native apps for iOS and Android and – critically – a custom server solution that got smarter the more candidates and recruiters used it.

Our solution helps to only show jobs that the candidate or recruiter is interested in by quickly realising user preferences (such as job roles and functions, locations, salary expectations and industry).

Thanks to ‘Tinder-style’ right and left swiping, browsing for roles is easy, meaning preferences can be quickly determined.

The app also lets users to store all of their documents, such as CVs, covering letters and references, so they are always to hand – making applications even easier.
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45% of job seekers specifically use their mobile phone for job searches

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There were more than 68,000 downloads of the app in the first 8 weeks alone.

Currently, more than 250,000 jobs are listed on the app, and the solution has seen more than 2 million job searches since going live.

40,000 new jobs added to the solution every day in over 25,000 different job categories.

The app has a 4+ star user rating in the App Store.
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zoek job search


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“Apadmi helped us develop the idea and turn it into something we are really proud of, offering users an unrivalled digital recruitment experience of the highest quality. We wanted to provide both recruiters and candidates with an enhanced user experience, and Apadmi’s team of consultants, designers and developers delivered exactly that.”

Matthew Dodd

Managing Director at Zoek Applications Ltd

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